Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has announced that his daughter Israella Bushiri has passed away.

SELF-PROCLAIMED Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has announced that his daughter Israella Bushiri has passed away.

She had been in hospital for weeks, battling a severe lung infection. Earlier this month, it was announced that her illness had worsened and she was transferred to ICU.


"It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing on of my daughter, Israella Bushiri. As a father, it was my desire to see her grow and serve the Lord, however, the will of God was for her to return back to Him," he wrote on his Facebook page this morning.

Bushiri said Israella was born during a time when he and his wife, Mary, were experiencing challenges.

"She has lived her life witnessing what it means to fight and labor for the Lord despite trials and battles. She came at a time when we really needed her and through it all, she offered my wife and I, including the entire church great comfort and enlightenment," Bushiri said.

He said Israella was a strong young girl who loved to worship and serve God, despite her young age.

"She was brilliant in her speech and possessed a divine excellency in the way she spoke and even tackled her studies. Today, all those that encountered her testify that they felt a certain special aura that oozed divinity. She was a walking angel. In our darkest moments she gave us light and in our lowest moments, she lifted our spirits. I am grateful to God to have fathered an angel of such spirit and beauty. She will always be my little girl,“ he said.

Bushiri will be holding a special address at midday in celebration of Israella's life.

"She shall always be remembered and forever carried in our hearts," Bushiri said.

Meanwhile, the Bushiris are facing a raft of Money Laundering and fraud in SA. They skipped the country in November after they were granted bail.

Their extradition trial continues in Malawi today. Bushiri further faces eight counts of rape, dating from 2016.




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