King Monada and Makhadzi fight over a song "Ghanama"

King Monada and Makhadzi fight over a song "Ghanama"

a statement saying that she is the owner of the song “Ghanama”, which has been making rounds on social media before its official release.

“I got a lot of people asking me about the ’Ghanama’ song. ’Ghanama’ is my song, my concept and melodies featuring King Monada and Prince Benza on the beat. I did the song after recording Monada’s ’Impossible’,” read a statement from Makhadzi.

He also took to Facebook to do a live recording, explaining that Makhadzi cannot claim the song when they both worked on it together and featured Benza.

He added that Makhadzi cannot claim a song that was produced by King Monada Music.

“I saw a lot of people asking who owns the ’Ghanama’ song.

“I sent Makhadzi a project for her to sing for me. She told me it was a challenge for her to work on that project and requested more beats.

“Still, she didn’t send me anything for that project until she came to my studio. We then did a song, and the agreement was that ’Ghanama’ was me and Makhadzi’s song featuring Benza. I don’t know who she met with afterwards and decided to change ownership of the song,” said Monada.

Even on his Facebook page where he has been promoting the song, Monada stated that the song was his and Makhadzi's featuring Benza.

However, it all changed on Tuesday night when Monada posted a status on Facebook saying: “King Monada ’Ghanama’ featuring Makhadzi and Prince Benza dropping soon.”

That statement and the live video by Monada has wreaked havoc. Shortly afterwards, Makhadzi also did a live video and labelled Monada as a manipulator who used to treat her like a dog.

“That facial expression, he’s trying to fool you. He uses it to manipulate people to believe that he's a good person.

“He doesn’t want to give me the credit I deserve. I came up with the melody, and on top, he didn’t produce the beat.

“How are you owning a song whereas you didn’t compose it? You didn’t come up with a melody, you only put a verse. And now you want to own the song,” said Makhadzi.

She further emphasised that if Monada wants to release the song, she wants out.

“That’s my song. Monada, if you want to release that song, remove my verse, and you must not use the Prince Benza beat because. I’m the one who asked him to do a beat for me,” she said.

Prince Benza hasn’t said much about the issue except that he’s on the beat for “Ghanama”.

On the night where they were recording the song, he did a live video on Facebook with the caption, “King Monada and Makhadzi Featuring Prince Benza.”

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