Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Robert Mugabe : They have rigged elections like I did for 37 years, this is a declaration of war & blood.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has just finished announcing results from seven of the 210 constituencies for National Assembly seats

Zanu PF - 6

MDC Alliance - 1

Zimbabwe's electoral commission said on Tuesday there had been no vote-rigging in the first election without Robert Mugabe on the ballot, but the opposition alleged irregularities as an anxious nation awaited the first official results. 
Dozens of opposition supporters gathered at their headquarters in the capital, Harare, celebrating in the belief that they had won the presidential election based on results they said they collected from agents in the field.

Police with water cannon circulated in the area. Zimbabweans hope the election will help to lift their country out of economic and political stagnation.

Millions peacefully cast their ballots on Monday in a process closely watched by international monitors, who have yet to make formal announcements about whether the election was free and fair. - AP