Mohale reveals that Somizi is not Gay in real life, its a Public stunt & he has a 3 months child with Sophia from soweto

Somizi Mhlongo's fiancé, Mohale Motaung, reveals that Somizi is not gay in real life, its a Public stunt & he has a 3 months child with Sophie from Soweto #somGAGA

South African Idols Judge Somizi #IdolsSA - Somizi Mhlongo and Palesa Madisakwane, his girlfriend of all time went into this stunt or game together in order to make money, apparently Palesa Madisakwane get an allowance from the income Somizi is making on a daily basis as an agreement.

"I've always lived my truth. When Bahumi's mother came to me and said 'I am attracted to you', I told her I'm bis3xual. I didn't say I am straight, I didn't say no. I told her I have a boyfriend. And she said 'oh okay, if you are, it means you date both s3xes?', and I said yes because at the time I thought I was bis3xual," Somizi said.
Somizi said after explaining himself to her, they agreed to continue with their relationship until he decided to disguise as gay not bi$3xual for public gain.

"Somizi is currently having a baby boy of three (3) months with a Soweto girl by the name Sophia, which is a secret and im getting paid to maintain confidentiality; Somizi is not gay in real life, he is bis3xual(dating both man and woman)" Mohale told Mzansi Stories.

We are still investigating why Somizi Mhlongo's fiancé, Mohale Motaung revealed this shocking details