HHP killed himself because of Divorce, infertility or barrenness, being broke and HIV - witness

What killed HHP? Divorce, infertility and HIV, the reason behind HHP suicide


– Rapper HHP died and South Africa is still shocked.
– He was in the middle of a messy divorce.
– HHP was also battling depression, diabetes and infertility.
– Jabba also discovered he was HIV positive.
– HHP was currently living alone and drinking all day every day.

Iconic Motswako rapper Hip Hop Pantsula has passed away. The rapper, whose real name is Jabulani Tsambo died at the age of 38. Details surrounding his untimely death are still sketchy but reports suggest it was a possible suicide and we received an email confirming HHP took his life and the reasons are more shocking than you’d expect.
The email read as follows:- 
HHP was living in the same apartment building with me and we used to drink together in his apartment the guy had serious problems I last saw him three weeks ago because I moved to PE.

He moved out of his house to an apartment complex after the divorce issue started. He was drinking all the time and he would vent when he was drunk. HHP told me himself that he is infertile and that’s a serious problem to him he mentions it all the time he is drunk. and he will say things like my work here is done.

He also said he has diabetes and it runs in the family and he believes the wife is leaving him because of diabetes. In a few drinking session when he was really drunk he said he found out he was HIV and he rather kills himself than taking pills all his life or letting the disease kill him. That man was in pain and in financial struggles, he is resting now.

 RIP The rapper has previously spoken out about his battle with depression leading to multiple suicide attempts. HHP was married to former reality TV star and socialite Lerato Sengadi.