Herman Mashaba to resign as Johanesburg mayor

Herman Mashaba is set to resign as Johannesburg mayor. Mashaba is set to brief the media on Monday following the outcome of the Democratic Alliance’s Federal Council meeting this weekend.

Will Herman Mashaba resign as Johannesburg Mayor?

During her brief time away from the party, Zille became a contributor for the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). However, the group have become a divisive force within the DA, after suggesting Mmusi Maimane must be replaced as leader – one of their columnists wrote a now-infamous piece which asked for “a white man” to be his replacement.

The whole row has kicked up an enormous fuss, as some DA representatives have distanced themselves from the IRR’s comments. But with Zille’s ties to the group, her return could be troublesome. And it could force Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba out of the door.

Herman Mashaba said “right-wing elements” could force him to quit

Never shy of making a stern statement, Mashaba said earlier this week that “a shift to the right-wing” within the DA would force him to consider stepping down from his role:

Johannesburg waits with bated breath

Herman Mashaba became the Mayor of Johannesburg in 2016. His approach to the job has received praise and criticism in equal measure. Indeed, his love/hate relationship with the EFF has been an intriguing subplot of his tenure too. He’s survived a couple of no-confidence motions already, but it’s looking increasingly likely that Mashaba will instead show himself out.

Apart from the announcement of the press conference, both Mashaba and the City of Johannesburg are tight-lipped on what the future holds. But with an IRR-shaped wedge driving the opposition party further and further apart, Herman Mashaba’s next press conference could be his last as a DA member.