Greater Letaba local Municipality-Mopani District Appointment of 25 General workers and welcoming ceremony


Another bad move taken by the leadership of the embattled municipality with a very low collection rate of revenue 

The municipality has since officially deviated from its core business of rendering or delivering services instead into a leading employer 

The Previous leadership also hired more than 50 General Workers 

Despite a very little tight budget municipality receives from National Treasury unfortunately the incompetent leadership continues to commit reckless mistakes by over commiting and overloading itself with unnecessary obligations which will need to be serviced on an ongoing monthly basis. This includes unnecessary increased number of employees which continues to dry out a large portion of their budget 

The municipality is closely approaching a point whereby majority of its budget will be used to pay salaries instead of rendering the much needed services in one of the most impoverished rural parts of Limpopo province 

As a result of all incompetent Mayors since its formation up to date not even a single one of them ever implemented strategies which could have assisted the municipality in increasing its revenue collection by attracting much needed investment including development into this old town of Modjadjiskloof also formerly known as Duiwelskloof

The municipality has a lot of potential in key sectors such as Agriculture, Timber, forestry and others unfortunately as a result of been led by leaders with no vision no one has ever tap into those opportunities through strategic investment programs

The municipality itself is in a bad shape and it's aging infrastructure has not received any attention. Technically the town itself is totally not attractive to any form of investment and looks like abandoned ghost town

Just to indicate that the town is totally neglected even the its resident No. 1 Honorable Mayor himself his Worship Councilor Dagma Thamaga Mamanyoha now lives in another neighborhood municipality of Tzaneen. Preliminary reports indicates that most employees who are originally from the boundaries of this municipality have now moved to Tzaneen

Majority of people are still asking themselves if the leadership of the embattled municipality are running away from this Municipality who else can be attracted to stay here. 

Technically the leadership has failed to turn the municipality into a first class town attractive to much needed investment in order to address the much needed sustainable economy of Greater Letaba Municipality under the leadership of Modjadji Royal Council boundaries 

Despite the area having exclusive rights of breeding the precious Modjadji Cycards Trees which could be turned into one the biggest strategic job creation opportunity unfortunately municipality has not utilized any of such opportunities 

The situation at Greater Letaba local Municipality is a clear indication how most ANC ran municipalities collapsed

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