DJ Tira Exposed

A musician by the name Luke Ntombela has unleashed series of screenshots exposing DJ Tira on her Facebook post.

ALLEGEDLY, she got too intoxicated and she blacked out, woke up next to DJ Tira and looks like something happened. 

According to screenshots, the DJ continued to "touch her" inappropriately despite her objections.  

The DJ has been trying to get her to retract these public posts and even offered her money. 

She was allegedly promised a music video or a song at Afro then they "partied" until she got in a bed with the DJ. 

According to the screenshots, Luke has been giving Tira enough time to come clean about what happened. 

Makoya has been going back and forth ( as seen in the screenshots), offering her money and even trying to get her friends to get her into deleting the posts. 

Hayi kuningi but it's there in the screenshots and on her Facebook page.


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