Watch Grootman ex Gcinile nudes/s3xtape(s) leaked

Grootman leaking nudes/sextape(s) of his ex Gcinile is bottom barrel behavior. There's nothing cool or alpha about such disgusting behavior

Men, no matter how bad it goes between you and a woman, never sink so low to the point of leaking her nudes. There's no justification whatsoever for leaking things you shared in private to the public

When she sent you those nudes or made that sextape, as stupid as it is, she trusted you at that point. Let it be for your eyes only and your phone gallery, infact delete such things, once you've relieved that sexual tension

 It really says a lot about your character, if you can reveal such intimate things/moments you shared with a woman. What guarantee is there you can keep your mouth shut on other dealings. You're a betrayal waiting to happen, not a friend to anyone 

 Watch Video here 

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